Tooth Whitening

teeth-whiteningAt Quay Dental, we offer three ways to whiten your smile to cater for all budgets:

  1. At home whitening. We make custom trays which fit your teeth intimately. We will provide you with a special gel to use for one to two weeks.
  2. Spotlight Whitening strips which are used for several days to brighten your smile.

Spotlight Whitening Strips

Spotlight Whitening Strips were designed to provide and easy to use, reasonably priced whitening treatment in an effective way. With an in depth knowledge into the science of whitening, a new formula was designed by Dr Lisa and Vanessa Creaven which includes a small amount of peroxide to ensure effective results.

Using our whitening products will make your teeth as white as they can be without veneers. This level of whiteness will vary from person to person. This whitening effect will last depending on any habits you may have such as smoking, drinking red wine, tea, coffee or eating staining foods. Typically, you can expect 1-3 years. With the at home bleaching system, you can easily top up whenever you need. Having regular hygiene appointments and maintaining good dental hygiene can also help maintain your brightness.

Extensive research and clinical studies show that whitening under the supervision of a dentist is safe. It works by bleaching coloured substances only, leaving the structure of the enamel unchanged.

Some patients may experience sensitivity after whitening. Usually this will only occur towards the end of whitening when the benefits have been achieved. Some people may experience sensitivity in the hours after whitening but by using a de-sensitising toothpaste on your teeth, this sensitivity will be alleviated.
Most people are suitable for our whitening treatments. If you are not suitable, Dr. Creaven will discuss all other treatment options available.

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