Root canal (Endodontics)

root_canalIf the blood or nerve supply of a tooth becomes infected either through decay or a fracture of the tooth, root canal treatment may be needed. The alternative to this treatment is to have the tooth extracted. Of course, it is best to keep as many natural teeth as possible to bite and chew comfortably and to maintain an attractive smile.

Root canal treatment involves the removal of infection from the root canal space. This space will then be cleaned, shaped and prepared for a filling. It is a highly skilled procedure which may take several visits to complete successfully. If the tooth is not treated, the infection may spread throughout the nerve space which may lead to pain, swelling and an abscess to form.

When the root canal is completed, the tooth will be restored to look like a natural tooth but some teeth may require a crown to strengthen it, provide support and to avoid further damage.

Root canal treatments have a very high success rate, but if for some reason, it is not, you can have the treatment redone.

At Quay Dental, we ensure to provide all treatments in a painfree environment. We use the most advanced anaesthetics to allow your root canal to be completed comfortably.

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