beautiful_smileCavities, whether caused by decay or a fractured tooth, are most commonly restored with fillings. These fillings are used to restore the natural shape of the tooth, strengthening the tooth which will lengthen the life span of that tooth.

Dr. Creaven has been using tooth-coloured filling materials for many years and uses only the most effective and modern techniques. The material is placed in layers and is set using a special light. We will also shape the filling to make it look as natural as possible. Due to the ability of tooth-coloured fillings to bond to the surface of the tooth, the restored tooth is much stronger than a tooth restored with silver-mercury fillings. Unlike grey amalgam fillings, tooth-coloured fillings look very natural, making them the most discreet option.

At Quay Dental, we ensure to make all aspects of our treatment as pain free as possible. We use the most advanced anaesthetics and are extremely gentle with our approach, allowing every patient to relax in a pain free environment.

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