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Facial aesthetics are non-surgical, cosmetic procedures that are sometimes known as anti-wrinkle treatments.

As you age, your body produces less elastin and collagen in your body, which causes lines and wrinkles. These often appear around the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth.

Lines and wrinkles can also be caused by factors unrelated to ageing, such as smoking and getting too much sun.

What Can Facial Aesthetic Treatments Help With?

Having facial aesthetic treatments can help you to:

  • Subtly rejuvenate your appearance: Facial aesthetic treatments are a subtle way to refresh your appearance. Treatment can smooth the skin, give volume and add more symmetry to your face by making small tweaks to certain areas.
  • Give you a confidence boost: The natural effects of ageing might make you feel like you need a confidence boost. Facial aesthetic treatments can subtly alter wrinkles and lines which appear naturally as you age.
  • Emphasise your features: Facial aesthetic treatments can help frame your smile and bring out your facial features. For example, enhancing your lips or giving your cheeks more definition.
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles: Facial aesthetic treatments can help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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When you visit your clinician for your initial consultation, they’ll be able to discuss with you which treatments might be suitable to give you the look you want to achieve.

Why Choose Quay Dental for Your Treatment?

Coming to Quay Dental for anti-wrinkle treatments offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Skilled professionals: Our dentists are trained to provide a range of facial aesthetic treatments and have an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy
  • A safe, clinical environment: We provide a safe, clinical setting for you to have treatment in. All of our practices are registered with the Dental Council of Ireland and adhere to high standards of patient care
  • Transparent pricing: We like to let our patients know exactly what to expect upfront. We’ll ensure you fully understand the cost of treatment before you commit to anything.


What Can You Expect from Facial Aesthetics at Quay Dental?

1. Initial Consultation

First, you’ll visit your practice for a consultation. This is a chance to discuss facial aesthetics with your clinician, raise any concerns and talk through exactly how you want to tweak your appearance through treatment.

Your clinician will carry out a full facial assessment and discuss your medical history with you, before providing professional advice on whether facial aesthetic treatments are right for you. They’ll outline the treatment options which might be best for you, as well as the benefits and possible risks of each treatment.

2. Bespoke Treatment Plan

Once your clinician understands what you want to achieve, they’ll talk you through suitable treatment options and agree a bespoke treatment plan with you. This may involve just one visit, or multiple visits, depending on your individual plan.

3. Post-treatment Check-up

Once you’ve had your treatment, your clinician will arrange a follow-up appointment to check on your progress and ensure you’re happy with the results. Their aim is to help you achieve a look that you feel confident with.

4. Aftercare

You’ll be given clear aftercare advice and guidance on what to expect following your treatment. Facial aesthetic treatments are temporary, and you will need to repeat treatment if you wish to maintain the effects.


Enquire about Facial Eesthetics at Quay Dental

If you’d like to book a consultation for facial aesthetic treatment or want to find out more, please fill in the enquiry form below and a member of your local practice team will be in touch.

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