Our Hygienist

young_woman_brushing_her_teethWhy not make the most of your smile and book an appointment with our experienced hygienist. She will be able to advise you on everything from treating bad breath to how to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly and effectively. We will offer any advice and will answer any dental questions or queries you may have.

The role of our hygienist is to help prevent dental disease. They carefully remove hard deposits of tartar and show you how to stop it from reforming.

Hygienists help to treat and prevent gum disease by scaling and polishing teeth, applying prophylactic and anti-microbial materials. They can also undertake monitoring and screening procedures. Dental Hygienists are also permitted to apply fissure sealants in order to reduce tooth decay.

Our hygiene surgeries are fitted with the very latest equipment including Air Polishing Machines which gently removes unsightly staining without damaging your teeth.

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