Membership Plan

Why have we introduced our practice membership plan?

More and more people are signing up to membership plans and we felt the time was right to introduce our own. We have designed the Quay Dental Practice Membership Plan, which we believe will make it easier for you to maintain good oral health from as little 4 euros per week!

By visiting regularly on a budgeted plan, you could avoid problems to ensure long term oral health.

Research has shown that members of the population who attend their dentist and hygienist regularly have healthier teeth and gums and require less dental treatment that those who don’t attend regularly.

It’s simple: don’t let your oral health fall into a poor state and you could avoid having to pay for treatments (including crowns, fillings, etc.). Having regular check-ups included in this plan could prevent problems from arising and spreading the cost with a monthly direct debit makes this plan the simplest way to pay for your preventative oral health programme.

As an additional benefit, we have incorporated a dental accident and emergency insurance element to give you complete peace of mind.

Must I have good dental health to join?

We do not assess the current condition of your dental health as a prerequisite of joining and you will not have to undergo any expensive treatment programmes to gain membership.

How can I join?

All you have to do is complete a registration form, sit back and we will do the rest. In addition to your first monthly payment, a one off set up fee of 10 euros will be charged and will be included in your first direct debit payment along with a 1 euro stamp duty fee.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our plan, please contact our reception team, who will be happy to provide further information and guidance.

What are the benefits?

You are guaranteed complete and comprehensive package delivery maintenance and prevention with plan benefits as follows:

Quay Dental Plan

  • Two thorough dental examinations per year, including a full mouth examination.
  • Two x 30 minute appointments per year for thorough root cleaning of your teeth.
  • Free teeth whitening take home kit.
  • All in practice x-rays included.
  • Any desensitizing agent applications necessary to control sensitivity.
  • Advice on how to ensure your gums and teeth remain healthy between your appointments.
  • 20% off all our standard fee scale for all members of our Practice Membership Plan(excluding Invisalign treatment and sedation)


One off set-up fee €10.00
One off stamp fee €1.00
Quay Dental Plan (Paid via direct debit) €16.00 per month
Quay Dental Advanced Plan (Paid via direct debit) €29.99 per month


The advanced membership plan includes all the same great benefits as the practice membership plan but features an additional two x 30 minute hygiene appointments. This plan is ideal if you visit the hygienist every 3 months.

Invisalign Guide

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